In a world full of prejudice, where everyone is trying to tell you who to be and how to behave, we often wonder where we fit in. I recently got invited to a tech event at Facebook’s office in Chicago. The event was to connect Latinos in tech, where three inspiring Latin women and one remarkable man were going to be on the panel. The speakers included the head of Agency Relations at Instagram and a Technology Strategist at Microsoft.  It was definitely an event to connect and inspire people from different backgrounds in the tech industry.

During the panel discussion, the speakers shared their experiences, from how they got into tech to how they applied their global perspectives to succeed in such a competitive market. Perseverance, commitment, humility and motivation were some of the words that resonated most with the audience. Their stories—a girl who started working since she was 15 to help sustain her family, a man who mentors others in his community to help them to have better futures—were truly inspiring. After the presentation ended, the audience had an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and receive advice about how to be successful in the industry. A lot of the questions dealt with insecurities about not being from this country, about simply being a woman in an industry dominated by men. There was one answer to most of these questions; whatever you put your head and heart to, you can achieve!

Many times, we sabotage our own dreams by putting obstacles in our heads that can stop us from achieving greatness. It could be silly ideas such as “maybe they don’t like my accent” or “they just want a man for that new position.” But the truth is that you create your own world and your own opportunities. We are all capable of achieving whatever we want, we just have to believe we can!

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” Charles Swindoll

Nunca pierdas tu escencia!

Written by Annabel Cermeno