Tomas Medina on how he helped form our first co-ed soccer league at GumGum: 

It's hard to pinpoint how GumGum FC (Football Club) came to be.

The sport itself has been a part of my life in different ways, so I’d say the vision began with realizing the array of possibilities given to us here at GumGum. If I think back, it feels like I've had this visual in the back of my mind.

The visual goes something like this. There’s a group of people running on a field, passing a soccer ball around—watching it connect from one player's foot to the next. And when that ball touches your foot and stays there waiting to be passed, you raise your line of sight to see the options that are your teammates—and you realize their faces are familiar. They’re people you may or may not share most of your weekdays with, lobbing emails from your desk to theirs, inserting a gif or emoji into that Slack channel—hitting send, and so on.

But instead, for one day a week, they all decided to forget departmental allegiances and unite—like the world does once every four years for the World Cup.

To share an experience outside the fabric that makes up the office.

Stepping forward, on a less poetic note, it was actually during the 2019 World Cup where I connected the aforementioned visual with the interest people had in the sport here at GumGum (Santa Monica).

People’s experiences ranged from growing up watching and playing, others who just watched but never played, others who played but never really watched and those who never did either. That's probably when I started pitching the possibility of forming a soccer team. I think the idea of bringing a team into an environment like that was exciting to me and others—like a new unexplored frontier.

From there it snowballed into winter, where catching wind of a league registration window opening up just made it all possible. With a bit of active seeking and the help of many, we became GumGum FC—Gum Gum's first co-ed soccer team.


Tomas Medina (Graphic Designer)