People of GumGum: Michael Hale

I am the lead recruiter here at GumGum, which means I lead all of our recruiting efforts: not just the actual recruiting (finding the right candidates for various positions), but also different talent acquisition initiatives—candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, community engagement and so on.


Abracadabra, Magic AR Cards! An Interview with Magician Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine is a retired police officer, fitness buff, playing card collector, juggler and amateur (but passionate) magician. He is 75 years old and lives in Woodland Park, Colorado, a mountain community just outside Colorado Springs.

People of GumGum: Kara Petrocelli

I love that I get to talk to our partners all day, every day. These are longtime partners that I’ve known since I started at GumGum, so the relationships are meaningful. On the flip side, I can also dive into the tech side of things with the help of our ad server team. 

Women of GumGum: Intro to the First Two Women of GumGum Japan!

Emma Lucas (left) and Momoko “Momo” Kaneko (right), the two newest members of GumGum Japan, are globetrotters with a flair for international business. It was really enjoyable to interview them both and learn more about their fascinating paths to GumGum.


People of GumGum: Whitney Graves

Whitney Graves, GumGum’s Agency Relations Manager, recently moderated a panel discussion to help grasp the importance of understanding an agency mindset and create a forum for large-scale discussions on the agency experience.

Hackathon 2018 Highlights and More!

​Our GumGum Hackathon competition was held July 11th-13th. For those who aren’t familiar, our Hackathon is an opportunity for employees across the globe to come together in teams of four (or less), bring an idea to life in 48 hours and ultimately showcase their creation to our panel of judges to compete for the $2,500 cash prize! 

Get GumGum Fit!

GumGum employees have been gearing up for summer, getting in shape and making healthy choices together through “GumGum Fit”, our new health and wellness initiative.


Recently, they launched the Women Who Lunch initiative, which focuses on female empowerment and leadership within our industry, with some catered lunch to boot! 


Sarah Wallace on Mentorship and Coffee Walks

Among the public, there are many misconceptions about meditation. Some people think it’s just about “clearing the mind.” Others think it requires sitting in a cross-legged lotus position, with incense burning, for 30 minutes straight. 

GumGum Ping Pong Championship
Gumballers Finish Strong in Final Game